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11.jpg (59678 bytes) My mom and dad Anne and Fred Lowther


alicelowther.jpg (1074568 bytes)


Grannie Alice (Perry) Lowther




momanddad wedding.jpg (547401 bytes)

Mom and Dad's Wedding January 19.1946 Detroit Michigan




baby kathy.jpg (430722 bytes)

Cute little me at  6 months






lowthers1.jpg (828949 bytes) Lowther  grandparents ( we are going to try to restore this picture )




bbb.jpg (611598 bytes)

The "Triple B" in France (1985)

Arpi Babaian, Joan Hennessey and me






germany.jpg (966011 bytes)

Lahr Senior Staff, Germany in front of the local and very raunchy strip club






kath2.jpg (506896 bytes)

Long hair days of the '80's ( Joan Hennessey is peering through the back window )






kath3.jpg (440958 bytes)This monkey had the softest little hands but he was a pervert as he had just looked under my skirt.

moms parents.jpg (931954 bytes) Grandad Richard Parkinson and Grandma Jessie (Miller) Parkinson



alice frank and eric.jpg (537665 bytes)

Grannie Lowther with Uncle Eric and Uncle Frank





peg lorne and jack.jpg (690258 bytes)

Aunt Peg, Uncle Lorne and Uncle Jack Parkinson      ( Mom's siblings)





16.jpg (77475 bytes)

My family on my wedding day, July 27, 2001



fred.jpg (472651 bytes)
My dad Fred Lowther




kand judy.jpg (322178 bytes)


Judy Axelson and I in Malaysia





kath.jpg (363722 bytes)

Medieval Meal - no utensils other than a knife




kids.jpg (690361 bytes)

Meredith, Michael and Morgan Smith about  1988

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